Hello World! I’m learning to code

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A couple of months I finally what I had thought, talked about doing for a while.

Learning how to code.

Yes, I am another woman that is going on that same path as many other people go and say “I am going to learn how to code.” The first month (around April) I was on top of things, sitting down in front of the computer for at least an hour a day. But, as things started to get a bit more challenging I have not been as consistent as I was in the beginning to sit and learn.

So, my lack of inconsistency with learning to code was one of the many reasons I am making part of my life public. I am letting saying

“Hello World!”

and using this as a form of accountability. In a year I would like to re-visit this post and see that I have at least accomplished what I want to achieve related to coding/programming.

A year from today:

  • I do not want to be another statistic of another person wanting to learn how to code and then quit.
  • I will have at least completed a couple of websites (2).
  • Document at least weekly how the progress is going.

For now these are the tiny wins I will set to accomplish, if there are more that come up, I will update and type those below.

Whether someone out there read this it will be unknown. But if you do happen to read it, I encourage you to take the step to start learning something you have been procrastinating on doing.

Con  Abrazos

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