Aha moment, just started learning Javascript

You know those moments that happens once in a while and you either think or say to yourself “Aha.”

I am happy to say that yesterday was one of those days for me. It may not be the most challenging things in the great endless world of programming that I have grasped but it has become a powerful tiny win. Time to do a happy dance here on my desk.

I am currently trying to get the basics of Javascript under my belt. This began on October 24, 2016. Some of the basic syntax no longer appears to be hieroglyphics but they are now words that have actions behind them and can do things when they are put in the right order.

The moment was as I was working through a problem. There was a function which was requesting a process to be done several times. I then knew it was some type of loop which would be typed up. The next thing I know is that I am typing out the words without thinking tooo much about it.

The solution to the problem was then pretty obvious. I even saw that it can easily be tackled with a while and a for loop. My unconscious creeped up and  also told my fingers that template literals would be used to create the array.


I smiled and had to stop and take the moment in. Did all of those words really just come to my mind and my hands knew which keys to type on the keyboard?

They sure did.

I still had to run the test, and make sure the functions worked but it was a moment to be cherished.

If you are just learning things about loops, after a bit you get to see that any while loop mutates into a for loop. AND for loops are much easier to read.

It is true, and it helps me believe that the rest of the things will continue to start making sense, sink in and somehow stay in my brain. I had read about it and was told to just keep doing it. Things will start to click.

So if you are just another code newbie like me, keep at it. Its a great feeling when those Aha moments happen. It gives you the fuel to keep learning.

Hasta luego.


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