my first tech panel

I wanted to share a personal win for me that happened last week. When I first started to consider becoming a developer I started to go out to Meetup events so I can talk to other people in the community about what it is to be a developer, software programmer, font-end, back-end, full-stack developer, or coder.

After a couple of Meetups, I discovered that I really liked being involved in the community and getting to know other people that are learning to code and those that have vast experience in the field. I ended up becomming a volunteer for a couple of organizations and this past month I was invited to be part of a panel with Women Who Code DFW, on building our local community to support women in the workforce.

I was honored to be asked to participate with two other talented women in this. It may have been since I love talking about how our personalities affect how we interact with other and how we are part of a community or in how I am transitioning into this career.

Topics that are related to women in the workforce from the challenges of finding child-care, asking for a raise, learning to speak up for those that are not wanting to and even jealousy. Yes, women are jealous of other women and it is something we need to acknowledge and learn from it so we can continue to grow personally, professionally and be able to help out our community.

The big take away from this, is to get involved. We can learn a lot from those that are close to us. We do have communities that are great and online just like what I have so far discovered here at Flatiron, but it is also great to meet a person face to face near where you live.

Through my participation in some of these groups I am slowly starting to discover my voice as a lady in technology, a developing developer and are looking forward to see how this field changes for women.

I am grateful to have amaizing women around me to learn from and I see this is a small win, even if its not a technical skill, participating in a panel is helping me in becoming a better speaker.
One of the questions that was asked:

*Best career advice you’ve ever received?*
My answer: If you do what you say you are going to do, you will be ahead of everyone else.

**What would your answer be?**


with 😀 Latina Developer


I will challenge myself.

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