#applaudHer surprise

Little things that happen once in a while make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just like a hot, fresh cup of coffee on a chilly morning.

Once in a while I meet up other ladies in the community so we can code together. Coding at home or in another place by yourself sometimes get a little lonely.

So, I get this email from one of the ladies and says that Women Who Code mentioned my on their newsletter for the #ApplaudHer section.

This was a surprise, I check the newsletter pretty religiously but I didn’t last week since I was focused on finishing a project. This mention was due to one of the “pet projects.” I wanted to take the knowledge that I have about my previous career and share it with others.

This was not the first time that I wanted to create something, but I did not have the technical skills to do it. So I either find the right partner to work with or I knew I had to acquire the skills that I needed to build them.

To do this, I started to work on the front end part of Wiggles Then Giggles. Which then motivated me to  start exploring other programming languages. To learn more about web development. So from HTML, CSS and the curiosity to learn Javascript I ended up at the free Javascript section with Flatiron and now I am here. In the process of learning other skills and I will be back to complete my pet project.

At Flatiron, trying to get through the program. I have not been able to put much time into my pet project since I am focusing on the curriculum. I do hope to get back into it more when I am done with Flatiron.

But it was a nice surprise to see that small projects that we start to do, get involved in may be once in a while noticed by a person. What started of as simply sharing my knowledge about kids is slowly turning into something useful for others.

Are there any pet projects that you want to do? Have you started any of them?

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