Web Dev Study Group – Fun Fridays

Web Dev Study Group – Fun Fridays

Giving back with the small amount of knowledge I have learned so far with Flatiron.

When I first started out to consider learning how to code there were many questions going through my mind. How do I learn to code, what language should I learn, do I use a book, go back to school, are bootcamps useful? Can I even learn to code and make a career change?

It has now been over a month that I have hosted Web Dev Study Group- Fun Fridays, at a local community center. I wanted to create this group so get people together that are wanting to learn how to code and learning how to code to know that they are not alone in this journey.

There is a way that we can help each other out and be there to ask any question that someone wanting to learn how to code can have.

It has attracted a range of students from those that are retired and now are wanting to create apps for their grandkids, recent graduates wanting to learn how to code, those currently seeking a career change to those that have programming jobs.

I still am very new to this field, but having an open format to get together in person and talk to others going through the same frustrations and wins has been a rewarding experience. It has been a nice change of pace from being online going through the program.

So far we have had other people volunteer to share their knowledge. For two weeks we discussed the basics of html and created a basic website. This gave some people that hands on knowledge of having a simple portfolio page. It was fun to see others learn and see their reactions as they got results in their browsers. On other occasions we discussed the basics of Git and GitHub and worked on some examples on how to get a project up there.

Since it has a range of individuals it taught many how to create a GitHub account, and many of them for the first time interacted with the terminal.

I will continue to do these through the rest of the summer and hope that by creating the opportunity for other members in my surrounding community to get together and discover that they can learn something different will be rewarding. If it helps to answer at least one of the questions they may have about learning to code, my goal has been achieved.

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