long time no see…

Initially, I did believe that I was going to have the time and disciple to get a blog post once a week. I would think of all these topics and things I could share during the week, but I learned I had created a goal that I could not meet. It was exciting to think about sitting down and communicate what I was going through but by the end of the week…NOTHING.

I didn’t have anything written and if I did it was just random notes which I knew I could not put together into any type of post.

So, I did what many of us probably do. Create a different goal. This time it would be a post once a month. Then, we know what happened. NOTHING again. So why… why was it that even just creating a simple post.

I ended up looking at where my time was being spent at and once I looked at the things that I was doing. I chose to just STOP.

My conclusion

There were too many things that I wanted to do and learn at the same time. And as with habits go, it’s best to pick one or two and get those going before other ones can be taken on. At least, that is what works for me.

It has now been a year later since I started to learn to code. And  it has been a bit of a life changing game and with this I am back to typing up what comes to mind and instead of forcing this blog to go in a certain direction. I am going to just let if organically grow.