once again.. trying to blog

This has not been my first attempt at writing a blog or keep it up.

I put way too much thought into how to start  a blog, read many other blogs, did research and kept trying to find the asnwers to what is listed below.

With all that readig, and multiple excuses of why I deleted, drafts, deleted what I had already posted, time has passed and I have ‘nada’.

So, there will be grammatical errors. This may not follow the common ‘rules’ of a blog, but it is what it is. My thoughts, opinions, experiences and it will now be out there, just another blog in the endless internet universe.

Some of the questions in no particular order…


Too much thinking

Viewing, reading other blogs

Finding a niche

Target audience

Create a following, do you even need one to start it?




Signature, real name or not

Does this become part of my porfolio

What if someone that will potentially want to hire me doesn’t like a post

Writtting style

Gramatically correct

Am I really

Technical, if so Im just starting so its basic.

Is basic good enough to be out there, talked about

Do I develop my own post or use an existing service?

Etc. etc.

I am sure there are more that would come to mind, maybe I may find out what I think is the answers to some of these. If so, they will be here.. eventually.





image from http://brandfameschool.com/no-try-again/

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